Top 10 Legalize Pot Debates

by dave on March 29, 2013

Legalize pot or not debate? Who Wins?

After the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington  more states are debating whether to legalize pot. There are 18 states (plus DC) where medial marijuana is already legal. These top 10 legalize pot debates are some of the common points supporter use to advocate for legalization.

Arguments that Support Marijuana Legalization

Legalize MarijuanaTax Revenue

Legalizing pot would give states a revenue boost from taxes. This in return will create more jobs that will be funded by the taxes taken from pot sales. “Tax it like alcohol” was one of the primary selling points of the successful legalization campaign in Colorado.

Better than cigarettes and other legal drugs

Marijuana has far fewer negative health consequences than cigarettes, and certainly much harsher and more dangerous drugs.

Not Addictive

Pot is not as addictive as cigarettes as countless studies have shown. Cigarettes are among the most addictive substances on the planet, and are perfectly legal.

Healing Properties

There are some studies that marijuana can help slow down cancer cells. And there are other well documented medical uses including treatment of glaucoma, easing symptoms of nausea from chemotherapy treatments, and many other benefits where medical marijuana is prescribed.

Reduced Expenses in Law Enforcement and Incarceration

The “war on drugs” is incredibly expensive in policing and prisons for drug offenders. A recent study showed that the NYPD invested 1 million law enforcement hours into marijuana arrests in the last decade. Many would argue that there are countless better uses for our criminal justice system to address much more important public safety issues.

Freedom To Choose

The libertarian argument is that individuals should have the right to do what they want by default if that activity does not harm anyone else.

Arguments Against Legalization

Harmful Effects on the Body

Marijuana affects your brain similar to way that alcohol does. Smoking also has negative affects on your lungs and is generally not a healthy habit.

A Gateway Drug

Many people are concerned that pot is a gateway drug leading to more harmful substances and addictions.

Short-Term Memory Loss and Learning Disability

Studies have shown that marijuana users can suffer from short term memory loss. It can also cause you to learn at a much slower and worse rate than normal.


Some law enforcement officials believe that marijuana users are more likely to be involved in other criminal activity.


What do you think?

MJ1All trends indicate that support for legalization is growing rapidly, and legal access to both medical and recreational marijuana is likely to become more widespread. Further reading is available on here:


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