Marijuana Possession Laws

Getting arrested for marijuana possession can be frustrating and disruptive to your life.

While some states have adopted decriminalization for small amounts of pot, and legal medical marijuana use is becoming much more widespread, possession and use of marijuana is still a criminal act in most of the county.

While the criminal penalties for possession of a small amount of weed aren’t huge in most places, any criminal record can be a problem. A criminal conviction can change your life situation when it comes to scholarships, school loans, work applications and professional certifications, and a host of other issues that can affect your life.

And if you are accused of selling or possession with intent to sell marijuana, the penalties can jump into felony level offenses pretty easily, which are much more serious.

And it is shockingly easy for police to accuse you of distribution or intent to sell, even if you only have a small amount for personal use. If you have 3 little baggies on you, police sometimes claim that it is divided into units ready to sell, even if you just bought it.

Add in complications with school zone laws – if you are walking in a city you are probably in a school zone whether you know it or not – it is easy for cops to try to make your life miserable if they feel like it.

It makes sense to get a consultation with a lawyer experienced in drug possession criminal defense issues in your state. You don’t want to get railroaded into taking a deal that isn’t fair, especially when the police evidence against you can be much weaker than you think.

A consultation with a lawyer in your area is free, so it is definitely worth a conversation to find out if you are getting offered a raw deal before you agree to anything.